Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Murder Shoes - Murder Shoes EP

Friday, May 1, welcomes the release of the self-titled EP from Minneapolis five-piece Murder Shoes.  Key elements are female vocals and a blend of post punk and surf noir.  Reverb and echo on top of a pulsating rhythm section provide a thick, atmospheric stew.  The two tracks below provide representative sample of the songs, with "Charlotte Manning" emphasizing the surfy licks and "Maybe You Can" showcasing the band's harder rocking side.  The following "Under the Sea" is more relaxed, and is my current favorite on the EP.  "Sea A Little Louder" is a rhythmic post punk track built on ominous instrumental lines.  "In Your Bed Or On A Train" closes the EP with a galloping rhythm, surfy guitar and soaring vocals. Throughout the proceedings, vocalist Tess Weinberg's voice swoops, pleads, snarls and seduces in a commanding and versatile fashion.  I want to hear a lot more from these guys.

Murder Shoes is Tess Weinberg (vocals/keys), Derek Van Gieson (guitar), Chris White (guitar/vocals), Elliot Manthey (drums), and Tim Heinlein (bass).

Murder Shoes EP is a digital and CD release via Land Ski Records.


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