Friday, February 9, 2024

"Burrowing" by Ryann Gonsalves


We have covered Bay Area bands Torrey and Aluminum (and will be covering the self-title album by Torrey soon). But today we have a single from the upcoming album by Ryann Gonsalves, who is a member of both bands. The song is "Burrowing", and it also would appear to be the video premier of family dog Max. Good boy, Max, you passed the audition! Oh, and "Burrowing" is a very appealing tune as well -- thoughtful and well constructed bedroom pop with a jaunty bounce.

The name of the album is Ouch! and it will be out February 14 via Dandy Boy Records. We don't want to suggest we know anything about anyone else's romantic life -- but speaking only for ourselves and our experiences -- we think 'ouch' is a perfect name for an album that drops on Vaentine's Day.


Bandcamp for "Ouch!"

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