Friday, March 13, 2020

Mystery Guest - Octagon City

What fuels WYMA evenings these days? The one clear answer is Octagon City. The creation of Melbourne's Mystery Guest, this is club music for the chill crowd, pop for the anti-pop crowd, and we have been using it to wow our own not-so-mysterious guests for several weeks. Appealing female vocals ride low key club melodies, world beat rhythms, and deep, rubbery bass. Sweet and alluring, we consider it one of our more delightful discoveries in some time. Hit the Bandcamp link below and let Mystery Guest brighten you late night hours.

Mystery Guest is a duo consisting of Patrick Telfer and Caitlyn Lesiuk, with backing vocals from Joel Carey, percussion by James Mannix, bass by Zachary Schneider (who also recorded this album), marimba by Zac Milner-Creteny, and trumpet by Joel Robertson. Octagon City is out now in digital and cassette formats via Tenth Court.

Bandcamp for Octagon City
Tenth Court on Facebook


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