Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Supercrush - Never Let You Drift Away

As music fans, we moan from time to time about how difficult, and sometimes impossible, it is to collect the singles or EPs of a favorite, but not well known, band.  This is especially true when the band's releases are spread out over a number of years and have a limited release.  Chris at Jigsaw records feels our pain.  But Chris doesn't just offer empathy, he offers fans of Seattle band Supercrush Never Let You Drift Away -- a single album of the four singles (plus bonus tracks) that represents their recorded output.  And even if you don't know Supercrush, this is a much needed introduction for any fan of power pop.  You can even close your eyes and pretend that the songs are from a newly discovered batch of Teenage Fanclub recordings.  It really won't take much imagination at all, and that is a very good thing.

Supercrush is the project of Mark Palm and Aaron O'Neil.  Never Let You Drift Away is out now in digital, vinyl, cassette, and CD formats.

Bandcamp for Never Let You Drift Away

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