Thursday, November 19, 2015

Strawberry Whiplash - Stuck In The Never Ending Now

Strawberry Whiplash is one of the projects of the prolific jangle pop  royal, Laz McCluskey.  In this one, he plays the instruments while Sandra provides the vocals, creating sweet-sounding pop songs that recall The Monkeys, The Cyrcle, British Invasion, early '80s Glasgow guitar pop and Sarah Records.  Their second full album, Stuck In The Never Ending Now, finds the band musing about the passage of time over the course of 12 hook-filled songs.  The band has an incredible knack for crafting the perfect aural nuggets, with just the right amount of instrumentation and spot on vocal nuances.  Each song is distinctive, but they are so similar in quality that I would have been hard pressed to choose which to use as streams for this post.  I'm saved this task by having only three songs available to share.  And they are great songs.  But as good as they are, I think there may be several equal songs on the album.  The rambunctious "Halcyon Morning" and the '60s shaded "Fly Me Over The Rooftops" never fail to get a replay hit from me, and the reflective "Ride The Waves to Shore" and "This Is All We Have" invariably produce happy sighs.

Stuck In The Never Ending Now is available this week via Matinee Recordings.

Matinee Recordings page for Stuck In The Never Ending Now

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