Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grimey's Staff Picks for 2010

Great folks at Grimey's, and they have helped me discover so much great music over the last dozen or so years... As with all such lists, it's fun to see who you're in line with, then look for other records on that person's list that you might not know about but want to check out.

Top Five by Mike "Grimey" Grimes, co-owner (and the only staff member who ranked his records):

1. Black Keys 'Brothers'
2. Metallica 'Live At Grimey's'
3. Avi Buffalo
4. Beach House 'Teen Dream'
5. Silver Seas 'Chateau Revenge'

LINK: Grimey's Staff 2010 Picks

Did your local independent record store publish their staff's 2010 picks? Please tell me about it in the comments. I think keeping these folks in business is one of the best things we can do for the future of independent music and musicians.

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