Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Memphis Mix: Otis Redding, Big Star, Lucero

Visited the great city of Memphis yesterday, always try to listen to these guys on the way home... If you're ever there, be sure to include Soulsville (the Stax/Volt studios on McLemore) in your visit.

Otis Redding: "My Girl"

Big Star: "September Gurls"

Lucero: "Wasted"

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Brian S said...

Nice work on the blog, John. And thanks for the homage to Memphis. There are a lot of reasons to knock my home, but music ain't one of them. One could probably fill a blog entirely of Memphis stuff.

In addition to Lucero, one of my favorite bands these days (also from Memphis) is Reigning Sound. I know you're familiar with them, but your readers might not. They're a garage band type sound with some subtle R&B/Soul mixed in. Their album "Time Bomb High School" is a good place to start though you really can't go wrong with any of them.