Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You Beauty - Jersey Flegg

You Beauty is the fourpiece consisting of Will Farrier (vocals), Flyn Mckinnirey (bass), Jashua Phuah (guitar), Kino Verzosa (drums).  Hailing variously from Sydney, Wollongong and Mellbourne, and from other bands such as Absolute Boys, Mere Women , Hira Hira and Ohana.  Jersey Flegg, their debut LP, is about all things rugby league.  So if you are a rugby league fan, the album is a natural for you.  However, I submit that even if you pay no attention to that sport, you'll like the chunky rock riffs, lower-register guitar tones, authoritative rhythm section and storytelling on offer.  The songwriting is straightforward but the lyrics are vivid.  Not every story is happy, but they are interesting and the lyrics are provided for those who like to read along.  And this is a no-risk proposition, as the entire album is available for free download at the Bandcamp link below.


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