Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Deathcats / Fruit Tones: Thplit Tape

We were happy to feature Deathcats last April, and then again in early December when they released The Raddest EP on Fuzzkill Records (link here) .  Now they have teamed up again with Fuzzkill, and with Manchester band Fruit Tones, on a four track split tape called Thplit Tape.  And I have to give Fuzzkill a lot of credit here, this is an inspired pairing.  I wasn't familiar with Fruit Tones, but I now am a fan and I'd love to hear more from them.  Both bands have a bit of garage, a bit of punk and a bit of surf.  Oh, and there is a good dose of energy as well.  And most of all, these are DIY rock tunes that just make you feel good.  About the music, about the day, and about yourself.  They probably will give luster to your hair and tighten your abs, as well, but you won't care if they don't.  The only complaint I can muster is that a split with three songs each would have been even better.

I was going to pick one song from each band to showcase the quality of Thplit Tape.  But I was so fond of all four songs that I decided to embed two from each band (there is an additional song from Fruit Tones).  You can stream them below, you can stream them at the Bandcamp site, and order at the Bandcamp site or from Fuzzkill.

Bandcamp for thplit tape
Deathcats - Facebook
Twitter for Deathcats
Fruit Tones - Facebook
Twitter for Fruit Tones
Fuzzkill Records

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