Monday, February 17, 2014

REVIEW: Be Forest - Earthbeat

If Italy isn't one of the countries that comes to mind when you think of dream pop and shoegaze, Be Forest is here to educate you.  The oddly named four-piece is from Pesaro, a town on Italy's Adriatic coast that has nurtured a prolific rock music scene.  Be Forest started as a trio: Nicola Lampredi (guitar, and also guitarist with the band Brothers in Law), Costanza Delle Rose (bass and vocals), and Erica Terenzi (drums and vocals).  For this album the added Lorenzo Badioli to handle synths and other electronics.

The music walks the line between chilly desolation and romance.  Perhaps one could say it specializes in romantic despair.  But for my ears, gloompop is pop music, and I enjoy the way Be Forest creates their icy soundscapes.  Moreover, I think that Nicola Lampredi is a very talented guitarist, who augments the usual dream pop/shoegaze arsenal with a bit of twang.

Earthbeat is out now on the We Were Never Being Boring label.

We Were Never Being Boring

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