Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Choosing a palindrome for a band name is interesting enough, but when said palindrome is "taco" plus "cat", you go to the head of the class.  However, since you are here to read about music, rather than interesting names, let's get down to business.  TacocaT is three women and one man residing in Seattle who play an energetic brand of sugar-coated garage rock with plenty of humor (and a album title that nods to local legends Nirvana).  The songs cover parties, drugs, unnecessary snow days, anarchists, alien girls, catcalls ("Hey Girl") and menstrual periods (the surfy "Crimson Wave").   There even is an anti-ode to a Seattle bus line ("FU #8").  Those familiar with Seattle bands such as Tullycraft and the Fastbacks will smile at the similarities, but TacocaT are more stoned than the former and more pop than the latter.  There is some silliness, um, a lot of silliness, but the sound is fully professional and the harmonies addictive.  Moreover, when you unpack the glittery packaging there is some serious commentary about the lives of women, and you get bonus points for paying attention while you laugh.  With 13 songs inching just up to the half hour mark, none overstay their welcome.  Put NVM on repeat, and you have an hour-long party soundtrack.  Check out the sound below with the band's answer to the onset of a period and the desire for a footbridge to paradise.

TacocaT are Emily Noces (who also is the music editor for one of Seattle's alternative weeklies, The Stranger), Eric Randall, Bre McKenna, and Lelah Maupin.  The band has released a previous album and several shorter records (see the Bandcamp link below).  NVM is out now via Hardly Art.

Bandcamp (prior releases)
Hardly Art page for Tacocat

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