Wednesday, February 19, 2014

REVIEW: Chalk and Numbers - Cassette Compilation

Chalk and Numbers are a current Brooklyn duo that channel '60s pop influences into music that resists neat categorization to era or genre.  Vocalist Sable Young is on one-person girl group, and in another time songwriter/instrumentalist Andrew Pierce would have been the most in-demand tunesmith in the Brill Building.  And with the benefit of modern production, including the conscious decision to avoid cluttering the sound with fuzz and reverb, and Andrew's surf guitar frills, this music is irresistible.  And since resistance is futile, be advised that our friends at Soft Power Records have compiled six songs - five from previous releases (including three songs that were included on the band's well received 2013 EP) and one first available on this recording - in a limited edition Cassette Compilation.  You can sample two songs below, and stream the entire EP at the Bandcamp link for the compilation.

Bandcamp for Cassette Compilation
Bandcamp for Chalk and Numbers
Softpower Records

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