Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Law - Haters & Gangsters EP

Law is Lauren Holt, an Edinburgh-based musician.  Her debut EP is Haters & Gangsters, and provides a taste of her talent and the breadth of her art, and leaves you wanting more.  The songwriting concepts are bold and well realized, and the hooks, beats and production -- with the right balance of fuzz and clarity -- are top quality.  But the star is Law's vocals.  With a hint of grit and a slight drawl, it adds a dose of clear-eyed realism to the frank lyrics.  Whether she is sounding weary and struggling, or fierce, she commands your attention.  And today is your lucky day, as the EP is available for free download at the Soundcloud link below.

It begins with "Haters", a track that combines soul and rap over a skittering rhythm.

The following six tracks represent hip-hop, soul, rap and dream pop.  But for me the EP suggests a fresh and welcome update of R&B.  And if this is the future, sign me up.

Law is from Leicester, but has been based in Edinburgh for several years.


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