Monday, February 3, 2014

New videos and free downloads from Natalie Pryce

Without talent, audacity in music is just noise.  But audacity with talent is art, and it is art that is exciting.  And a good current example is Glasgow's Natalie Pryce.  They play a bluesy, jazzy form of garage rock with a dose of cabaret theatricality.  We've featured them before, and they are back again with their first single, the double A-side "Janine" / "Bisclavaret".   Some bands want to be the stuff of your dreams, but Natalie Pryce is willing to provide fodder for your nightmares.  These songs are dynamic, and multifaceted -- burning you as they seduce you.  This may be the freshest music you've heard in a while.  I recommend it.

"Janine" features a great groove while the band tells the story of the titular young lady who haunts the narrator's dreams and leaves him for deadl  The track can be downloaded free for a limited time here.

"Bisclavaret" is about the hungry wolf that lives inside all of us.  It also is available as a free download for a limited time here.

Natalie Pryce are Mark Swan (vocals/harmonica/melodica), Greg Taylor (guitar), Seven Litts (bass), and Stephen Coleman (drums).


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