Friday, February 7, 2014

REVIEW: Flyying Colours - Flyying Colours EP

I know what you are thinking -- a band named Flyying Colours with a song named "Wavy Gravy", this better be psychedelic.  Relax, it is.  But it also happens to be very good.  The Melbourne band's music is a muscular brand of shoegaze, with an aggressive rhythm section, soundscapes created via loud, heavily reverbed guitars, and male/female vocals.  Fans of My Bloody Valentine, Swervediver, Ride and The Jesus and Mary Chain will find this music particularly appealing.  Perhaps most impressive to me is that the quartet succeed in making music that is dense and loud, but still manages to be melodic and radio-friendly.  "Wavy Gravy" is the track picked for single success, but I personally find the crunching guitar riffs of "She Leaves" to be equally compelling.  And the lighter touch on the jangling "Feathers" adds a wonderful dose of sunshine.

The self-titled EP was released in Australia in 2013, but wasn't generally available worldwide.  Now it is being released in the US and the UK.  While the official release is in March, we are writing about it now because it will be available only in a limited run of 500 copies of high quality vinyl (plus a download code).  Shelflife Records in the US will have 250 on black grape vinyl, available on March 11, and Club AC30 in the UK will have 250 on royal blue vinyl, available March 10.  So if you want a copy, I suggest that you act soon.  I've been advised that there is considerable interest already.  The pre-order links are at the bottom of the post.

Here are the stream and the video for "Wavy Gravy" --

Flyying Colours are Brodie J. Brummer, Sam Dawes, Joshua Dawes and Gemma O'Conner.

Pre-Order from Shelflife Records
Pre-Order from Club AC30

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PhillyCheezeBlues said...

You talked me into it. Pre-ordered the EP. Nice Review.