Monday, February 17, 2014

"Soldiers" from The Trouble With Templeton

The Trouble With Templeton began as Australian Thomas Calder's solo project, with the release of a mini album in 2011.  TTWT has grown to five members and released their debut album, Rookie, in Australia in August 2013.  The band now is signed to Bella Union, and Rookie will get its international release in May.  On the evidence of the tracks I've heard, I think this should be a breakout year for TTWT.  Their songs are passionate and melodic, exploiting emotional contrasts and reveling in their own eccentricity.  You can test TTWT out with the most recent offering from the album, "Soldiers".  I've also included the video from a previous single, "Six Months In A Cast".

Bella Union

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