Tuesday, February 18, 2014

REVIEW: Keel Her - Keel Her

If you are familiar with Rose Keeler-Schaffeler, you have been waiting for her debut album as Keel Her for a long time and I need only mention that Critical Heights released it in the UK on February 10, and will release it on February 25 in the US.  But now I'm writing to the rest of you -- this self-titled album from a truly prolific songwriter is one of most melodic balls of jangle, fuzz, feedback, and distortion that you are going to find this year.  Some songs take you back the the '60s garage, some employ menacing synths, and many provide Rose's own twist of '90s slacker pop.  The scuzz is adroitly balanced by dream pop and multiple spoonfuls of sugar, and the lo-fi approach never becomes tiresome because Rose doesn't lock herself into a single style.

It probably must be said that the influences for Keel Her are not hidden.  But it takes genuine imagination to turn them into the music on this record.  Moreover, one of the most charming aspects of this album is that I can put it on at night and be delighted by the varied vehicles that Rose has created for her musical musings.  This album is going to be in rotation for a long time.

Critical Heights

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