Monday, June 10, 2024

Rural France - Exactamondo!


Did you know that there are masters of powerpop resident in Wilshire, UK? Well, you do now so that's all for now ...

Admittedly, a few more words wouldn't be inappropriate. Said masters are Rural France (to be honest, we try not to try to follow the geography here). They wowed us in 2021 with a fine album of jangle and powerpop and enough rough edges to show a potential for growth -- and perhaps a nod to the 'rural' portion of their name. The gang is back with Exactamondo!, a ten-track LP that suggests that, quite astoundingly, they might have just been playing with us the first time around. Exactamondo! hits the bullseye so often that the bullseye is obliterated. Fuzz, jangle and powerpop abound, delivered with swagger and confidence. The themes can have an edge, but the melodies are vibrant and exciting. Spend for this album and you just might find that it is one of your most played 2024 acquisitions. 

Rural France are Tom Brown and Rob Fawkes. Exactamondo! is out now via Meritorio Records 



Bandcamp for Exactamondo!

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