Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TV Girl - The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Girl Shuffle

Pssssst! Psssst! Yeah, it's me--the guy standing over here in the trench coat.  Can I interest you in a mixtape of lo-fi, retro, fun-filled electro pop?  It is among the finest ear candy available, brought to us by San Diego's TV Girl.  Oh, and it is offered at your favorite price: FREE.  To download it, follow this link to the Sterogum site, and follow the directions.  Or you can download it free from the Bandcamp site linked below.  And speaking of Bandcamp, here is a stream:

TV Girl are Trung Ngo and Brad Petering.  You can get a free download of their earlier EPs (and you really should have them) here.  In case you are wondering why you should download their earlier EPs, I'll remind you that this is one of the tracks --

Twitter ( @tvgirlz )

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