Sunday, May 6, 2012

Second H. Sam - S/T EP out now

Second H. Sam is Italian lo-fi blues/psych rocker Samuele Gottardello, who has been lead singer in some pretty awesomely-named bands: the Hormonas from Venezia, the Buzz Aldrin from Bologna, and the John Woo, a punk wave band from the 2000s. To further entice you to give a listen, consider that he lists influences from Johnny Cash to Daniel Johnston to Syd Barrett to Fabrizio de Andrè.

It's a cinematic and expansive approach - definitely hear hints of spaghetti Western soundtracks in there -  and, at the same time, pretty sparse and lo-fi. Listen for yourself - here's a teaser for the EP, featuring hedgehogs, sneakers and Sam's bearded countenance:

You can listen to samples and order the EP at the website:

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