Thursday, May 10, 2012

Big Wave Riders

We've covered a few Finnish bands lately, and we covered a delightful British band named Big Wave, so it seems quite appropriate to introduce you to the Finnish band Big Wave Riders.  The Helsinki five piece of Teppo (vocals/guitar), Anssi (backing vocals/guitar/keyboards), Aleksi (bass), Petri (drums), and Lauri (keyboards/sax/guitar) are signed to the Soliti label.  They will be releasing an album this summer, but to sharpen our anticipation, they have given us this smashing new single.  If the rest of the album approaches the standard set in this track, I'll be very happy.

"Waiting In The Wings" is a soaring surfy shoegazy tune with a good dose of muscle.  And you can download it free.

Twitter ( @bigwaveriders )

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