Monday, May 28, 2012

REVIEW: The Dentals -- Tennessee

We love music here at When You Motor Away.  We also love beer.  So I was delighted to find in my inbox a 13-track album of excellent guitar pop with many references to beer.  And what better time to profile the album than a holiday weekend in the US.

The group is The Dentals, and they are from Switzerland.  However, the album was recorded in Tennessee, and was named after the place of its birth.  Thus, we have a Swiss band with a name that evokes teeth, releasing an album named Tennessee  Any questions so far?

The gentle pop opener is not about beer, but the band couldn't resist referencing beer in the title: "A Song Not About Beer" --

The second and third tracks, "I Am an Artist" and "King Without Crowns", boast a more upbeat tempo, but continue with endearing melodies and wistful vocals somewhat reminiscent of Seattle indie pop band Tullycraft.  Both are among the better pop songs I've heard this year.  Now, I already liked this album before I heard the fourth song, "I Love You Even More", but the refrain in that track distilled in a short phrase the essence of true love: "I love you even more than beer".

You won't be surprised to learn that The Dentals are a band with a sense of humor.  Additional tracks are titled "Heading for the Door Again", "Not Every Idiot Knows How to Drive A Car" (a bit confessional, this one, as apparently the lead vocalist is not a good driver), "I Am Well But You Are Paul Weller" (originally named "Scotland Made Me Fat"), and, after 12 tracks, a final track simply named "B-side".

In "Career for Beer", the boys muse about the working world --

The dentals are Fabio (guitar, vocals), Roman (guitar), Jonas (bass), and Dave (drums).  The group was formed in 2002.  They describe their brand of music as Alco-pop, and while they admit that they haven't really accomplished anything as a band, they point out that they haven't really tried, either.

"Give Me A Second Chance" shows the band can put a bit of muscle in their pop --

The album was released on May 25.  There will be a release party on June 29, 2012, in Lucerne, Switzerland. That is a long way for many of us to travel for a party, but I'm hoping the WYMA private jet will be available. I expect that the party will feature quite a bit of beer.

It's summer, treat yourself to fun pop that justifies your beer habit.  You deserve it.


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