Monday, May 14, 2012

REVIEW: Tu Fawning - A Monument

Tu Fawning is a Portland band playing expansive, atmospheric music with elements of art-rock, strong lead guitars and world music (the percussion, especially), all backing up Corinna Repp's haunting vocals. Upon first listen, I was finding comparison to Sigur Ros, but the influences are extremely diverse. The reverb on the guitars calls to mine My Morning Jacket in places -check out this video for lead track "Anchor":

And here are two tracks available for download: "Anchor"

and "Bones".

Influences are influences, but the craft lies in how they are melded, and Corinna Repp, Joe Haege, Liza Reitz and Toussaint Perrault do that well. From Celtic-influenced chamber rock like "Anchor" to thumping bass and gospel-style chorus on "Blood Stains" to the chugging guitar lead on "Wager", Tu Fawning makes every song interesting. The album is clearly built around Repp's vocals and Haege's guitars, to great effect, but the bass and drums supply a good foundation for the other elements they weave in - synths, keyboards, loops and layer upon layer of harmony vocals.

Tu Fawning will be touring in North America in June and July - dates and places available at their website. A Monument is out May 15 via City Slang Records.

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