Thursday, May 17, 2012

A new single from Black Whales - "Vietnam"

One of the earliest exchanges I had with the Blogfather, John Hyland, after I started writing for this blog was about the shame that a band as good as Seattle's Black Whales wasn't on a label.  Their June 2011 album Shangri-La Indeed was excellent (our review here).  The psychedelic garage/folk rockers have returned this year with a digital single entitled "Vietnam".  The song is hazy, fuzzy, psyche  masterpiece.  It also features cover art from the band's frontman, Alex Robert.

"Vietnam" was released yesterday, and you can stream the single here in your choice of Soundcloud or Bandcamp.  You can purchase the song via Bandcamp, or at iTunes.

Black Whales are Alex Robert, Alan Foote, Davey Brozowski, Ryan Middleton and Dave Martin.  They will be playing the Sasquatch Festival at the Gorge, in Washington, on May 26 (scheduled for Noon on the Yeti Stage).

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