Friday, May 25, 2012

Porcupine's new single - Witness to A Chase Scene

Today, we are continuing our series on releases by good indie rock bands from La Crosse, Wisconsin. The first post in the series was by our blogfather, John, who posted last year about a split 7" on which one of the bands was La Crosse-based Porcupinelink ).  Today's featured La Crosse band is.......Porcupine!  The reason we are featuring the band again so soon (in addition to their quality music) is that they just released a three-track single, and will be releasing an LP soon.

The single is titled Witness to A Chase Scene.  the title track will be included on the album, but the two B-sides are only available on the single.  Here is "Witness to A Chase Scene" --

One of the B-sides, "Evil Twin" --

The band is Casey Virock (vocals/guitar), Dave Reinders (bass/guitar), and Jeff Bahr (drums/backing vocals).  The single can be obtained through Hang Up Records.

The upcoming album Sensation of Being Someone, and we'll have more information about it in the future--unless they relocate from La Crosse.

Bandcamp for "Witness to a Chase Scene"

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Joshua Lauer said...

I think that's the first time I've seen that video song for "Evil Twin" Nice write-up!