Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: Haight-Ashbury - Haight-Ashbury 2: The Ashburys

Haight-Ashbury delivers psychedelic, folk-rock guitars, melancholy chords, and dual female vocals.  The result is a captivating baroque pop that sounds more of another place and time than their Glasgow home.  Although the band's 2010 debut LP was well received, this spring's sophomore release on Lime Records, Haight-Ashbury 2: The Ashburys, deserves to gain them a much greater following.  There is one official video released for the album thus far -- for the second track, "Sophomore".  The track was well chosen, as it is a fine track and showcases the great sound of the album..

Haight-Ashbury is Kristy, Scott and Jennifer.  Before they formed the band, Scott was a guitarist would recently traveled to San Francisco.  He was a fan of early Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and The Jesus and Mary Chain.  His sister Kristy, and her friend Jennifer, were vocalists in several previous bands.  When their backing musicians failed to show up one night, Scott filled in.  The gig was well-received, and a new band sprang to life.

The second official video is for album track "She's So Groovy '86" --

Haight-Ashbury 2: The Ashburys reveals a band gaining maturity, sharpening its focus and paying increased attention to the craft of each song.  I think their future is bright.

Haight-Ashbury is touring Europe for the next few months in support of the album.  There are no North American stops.


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