Thursday, May 24, 2012

REVIEW: The Eversons - Summer Feeling

Those of you in the northern hemisphere may not be surprised to see that the title of a guitar pop album released in late April is Summer Feeling.  But the (hypothetical) alert reader will consider that The Eversons are from Wellington, New Zealand, where April is the part of the calendar sliding towards winter.  Then said (hypothetical) alert reader might want to know that the boys in the band are fans of Jonathan Richman (the title of the album is derived from one of his songs), and then consider some of the song titles: "Could It Ever Get Better?", "Kick Him Out", and "Terminally Lame", for example.  So it seems that everyone's expectation meter should be set a "fun" when enjoying this great guitar pop.  We get Beach Boys harmony, Richman humor (perhaps humour, in this case), and Pavement fuzz rock. I find it a winning combination.

A good starting point is the opening track, "Could It Ever Get Better?" As the lead singer muses about whether his life will get better in the future, his mates assure him that it never gets better.--

"Kick Him Out" begins with the little matter of kicking a boyfriend out of the home, and ends up with said boyfriend (technically an "ex" at that point I should think), buried in the back yard --

"Terminally Lame", is the lament, albeit a poppy one, of a loser --

The Eversons are Mark Turner, Tim Shann, Blair Everson, and Christopher Young.  Summer Feeling is out now on Lil Chief Records.

So much for fun.  I'll leave with some completely serious advice about marriage (yeah, right!).  The chorus includes such gems as "you don't understand, you're an unattractive man", and "you'll be alone all your life" --

You can stream (and, ahem, purchase) the entire album at the Bandcamp link below.  And just to clear the air, I never said that the boys have an occult shrine to Richman in their clubhouse.  I didn't say that they don't, either.  Let's just agree that if anyone asks you about it, you didn't hear it first here.  Please--I have a family.

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