Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Introducing - Wet Illustrated

Naming the Soft Boys and Guided by Voices as influences is sometimes rumored to be certain bait to attract a WYMA contributor.  Let me put the rumor aspect to bed--it is, in fact, a way to get our attention.  But to get on the page, we have to think the band does it well.  And the Bay Area's Wet Illustrated does it very well.  Tim Hellman, Chrys Nodal, Robbie Simon and Will Ivy play an organic, loose, psychedelic garage rock that really pleases my ears.

They have released recordings through Corvette City Records and True Panther Sounds.  Here is their 13-track October 2011 release, 1x1x1 --

There are some other recordings on the Bandcamp page.  In my opinion, they all are worth checking out.  This could be your new favorite garage band.


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