Friday, May 18, 2012

Introducing: The Labelmates

We're introducing The Labelmates rather than helping you to "get to know them", because we really don't know much about them either.  The band lists Glasgow as their location.  They have a Facebook page, which tells you very little, and a Soundcloud page, which gives you a nice demo track that you can download.  There also is a Myspace page, which is an interesting artifact, because who uses Myspace these days?  They describe their music as mellow surf, and the demo below supports the description.  We hope there is more in the future.

"Pretty Girls Make Waves" is the free demo --

And a tip of the When You Motor Away motoring cap to Lawrence McCluskey (Strawberry Whiplash/Bubblegum Lemonade) for alerting about this band.

The Labelmates

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