Monday, May 28, 2012

Aggie Doom's new Single, Bring Me the Head

On days like this, I love my job.  I really love my job.  I get to listen to new music that is interesting and exciting, and then tell you about it..  And I really am excited about Bring Me the Head, the new two-track single from Glasgow's Aggie Doom.

It seems to me that the starting point for Bring Me the Head  is minimalist '60s garage rock.  Then add a dose of voodoo glam and you've got something quite striking--primitive, insistent rhythms, music and lyrics with a fangs-exposed and claws-out edge, and some very nice girl-group harmonies.  But unlike their garage rock second cousins, Aggie Doom   allows a lot of space in the music, which builds tension without ramping up the volume.  Some have called it "darkwave", and I think that is a good tag.

So, be our guest and take the single for a spin.  The entire run-time is about 6:15, and you wouldn't want to miss the B-side, "Cakewalk".  If you're like me, you'll want to allocated enough time to replay it a few times.

Aggie Doom  are Claudia Nova, Scott Caruth, Hillary Van Scoy and Joan Sweeney.  The band has drawn comparisons to Bush Tetras, Romeo Void and Keenex, and while I can understand the comparison, I think this band takes their own path with a higher dose of atmosphere and less emphasis on punk.

At the moment the single is available only in a limited run of 300 vinyl 7" records. One hopes that broader distribution or, even better, inclusion in an EP or LP happens in the future.  The label is the small, Livingston, Scotland label Soft Power Records.   The folks that run the operation clearly have a good ear for emerging bands, as their groups have featured on these pages more than one would expect given their size.

Soft Power's Bandcamp page for the single
Soft Power Records

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