Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wreckless Eric - amERICa

Wreckless Eric (the performance name for Eric Goulden) climbed into the consciousness of many of us indie rock fans as a musician we considered very British.  British like Ray Davies, Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Astor and Nick Lowe.  Like many "facts", the truth is a bit different.  Eric is, in fact, a bit less British in current physical form, as he has lived a number of different places over the years, and if my usually casual research is correct the man now is living in upstate New York.  And for those not inclined to research, the latest Wreckless Eric album is titled amERICa, and the cover announces "Made in the USA Using American Parts And Labor".  So if you want to 'buy British', I think the man's work still qualifies, but if you want to buy American, I think you can be comfortable.

Now, after that background the relevant questions is whether the album is worth your time and money.  Our answer is"yes".  The album contains eleven eccentric nuggets of personal stories and societal observations, packaged in Eric's adept songcraft and recorded with a chugging style that oozes both rock and roll spirit and the feeling that the author doesn't quite fit in society's well-defined boxes.  And for those of us in America, it is interesting to see our country through another's eyes.

amERICa is out now via Fire Records.

Bandcamp for album
Fire Records page for album

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