Monday, November 9, 2015

Terrible Truths - Terrible Truths

The vital elements of the self-titled LP from Terrible Truths are rhythmic post punk and a super cool vibe.  Long respected in their homeland, their self-titled debut LP for Bedroom Suck Records is their first album, despite five years together.  While the band obviously didn't hurry into the album format, focusing on EPs and singles, their decision to release Terrible Truths provides listeners with a readily accessible method of experiencing the band's new songs, as well as some old tunes.

The songs are tightly wound, with guitar lines by Rani Rose that alternate between jagged/angular and soothingly jazzy.  Anchoring the songs is the steady groove provided by bassist Stacey Wilson and drummer Joe Alexander.  In fact, while the guitar and twin vocals by Rani and Stacey are top class, what repeatedly draws me to the album is the groove.  At times it reminds me of a more sophisticated brand of the adventurous '70s work by Lizzy Mercier Descloux.  The final result is an album of evocative and varied textures of sound that is deeply satisfying and completely addictive.

The band was formed by Rani Rose and Stacey Wilson in Adelaide, and were joined by Brisbane's Joe Alexander.  Terrible Truths is now based in Melbourne.

Terrible Truths is available now on vinyl and CD, and as a digital download, via Bedroom Suck Records.

Bandcamp for release
Bedroom Suck Records page for Terrible Truths

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