Friday, November 6, 2015

Aleks Grey - Souls

The skies are dark, rain is falling and the wind is picking up.  I need some soaring pop tunes to lift my mood and fee alive.  And here to the rescue is "Feel Alive", the opening track of Souls, the debut EP by Norwegian band Aleks Grey.  I can't listen to the song without smiling and moving around.  The second track, "Unstoppable" continues in similar vein.  At this point, I could almost believe that the sun is starting to come out.  The beginning of the piano-driven "House" offers a mid-tempo, more contemplative take on pop, but unspools with a loud/soft dynamic and lush vocal harmonies.  The piano remains the main instrument for the lovely following ballad "Save Me".  But knowing what we need on foul weather days, the band's final offering -- appropriately named "Storm" -- dives back in to the anthemic pop that is this band's sweet spot.  Aleks Grey, make a note of the name and  look into this EP.  It will make you day better.

The band is Aleksander Raftevold (aka Aleks Grey), Reece Cairns, Eline Brun, Andreas Oxholm, and Andreas Skuggen.


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