Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cherri Fosphate - We Didn't Come Here To Say Goodbye

Over two years ago we featured (link) a little EP from a Scottish band named Cherri Fosphate, suggesting that they were a band to watch for the future.  However, since we know what lazy slackers you all are, I expect that most of you haven't really been watching.  Well, that's your mistake, because the band has released their debut full length, We Didn't Come Here To Say Goodbye, and it is even better than I would have predicted based on that fine earlier record.  With vocals that recall Frightened Rabbit and a bit of Maximo Park and The Futureheads (if the latter two had been from a bit further north and west), guitars that evoke The Strokes in their prime, and pace and energy that recall Dogs Die In Hot Cars, this is a bundle of melody and muscular energy with a heavy Scots accent.  The band proves more than adept in a few songs with a more relaxed tempo, but if you are like me it is the up-tempo songs that will keep a smile on your face and We Didn't Come Here To Say Goodbye on your playlist for quite some time.

Bandcamp for album

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