Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wimps - Suitcase

Aspiring punk and garage rockers must always remember to KISS.  Yes, 'keep it simple, stupid', is the mantra.  And if they are looking for the principle in action, they need look no farther than Wimps.  The Seattle trio's brand of rock is rapid fire, with downtrodden slacker themes, the right amount of attitude, and no distracting frills.  To be perfectly honest, the musicianship is much better than usually is found in this genre, and the keepers of the secret punk rolls may be tempted to kick them out because they really are too good.  But to be blunt about it, that is the Wimps' problem (or they might say that is a problem for wimps).  As fans, we can just be happy to have a really good punk and garage band on the scene.

Wimps latest effort is the 12-song Suitcase, the band's second full album  Channeling the cynicism, boredom, angst and drudgery of life in concise nuggets of self-effacing lyrics and chugging punk and garage rock, it is the band's best work and among the best punk to be released this year.  Guitarist Rachel Ratner shout-sings and tosses of angular riffs, while Matt Nyce's bass and Dave Ramm's drums provide energetic drive to the proceedings.  The songs are varied, with plenty of pop hooks and a good dose of humor leavening the sharp observations of life in the hipster city.  The video version of the opening track and a stream of the title track are below.  But because the band, the label, and WYMA are all very nice people, a full album stream is provided as well.  It is almost Friday, rock on, crash, and then line up to purchase a suitcase.

Suitcase is out tomorrow, November 13, via Kill Rock Stars.  And Seattle fans should note that the band's release show is at the Funhouse Lounge with Stickers, Mombutt, and Boyfriends.  The following night they will play at The Know in Portland.

Bandcamp for Suitcase
Kill Rock Stars

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