Monday, November 30, 2015

The Deadline Shakes - Zealots

Glasgow's The Deadline Shakes have been burnishing their reputation as one of Scotland's most promising young bands single by single for the past few years.  Content to patiently work on their sound and sharpen their writing, they now have presented Zealots, their debut album, for fans to decide whether they have delivered on the promise.  And as someone who has followed the band from their first releases, my one word summary is "congratulations".

Initially a band whose first impression was hook-filled scrappiness, albeit one with a knack for a well-crafted musical story, The Deadline Shakes as of late 2015 is now a much more complete outfit.  The compositions are more ambitious, the sound fuller, the instrumentation more robust and detailed.  The various faces the band presents include a familiar jangle, a sharp edge, changes of pace, and a romantic or yearning sigh.  Moreover, as these faces often share space in the same tune, the songs unspool as a series of mini epics.Yet the band has retained their ability to present pop tunes that are emotionally accessible and unafraid of vulnerability.  There is a good dose of polish in the production, but it never feels too slick or over stuffed.  Three of my favorites are available to stream below, but you can listen to the entire album at the Bandcamp link below.

Zealots is out now in digital and CD formats via Flowers In The Dustbin.  The Deadline Shakes are Greg Dingwall (vocals/guitar), Iain McKinstry (vocals/guitar), Martin McLeod (bass), Thomas Booth (drums), Michael Muir (violin/banjo), Kiera Pollock (vocals/guitar), and Sam Clark.

Bandcamp for Zealots
Flowers In The Dustbin

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