Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Chorusgirl - Chorusgirl

I take no credit for Chorusgirl. But I will take the time to point out that I was on this bandwagon early, as just short of two years ago I featured the band based on a couple of demos (here).  Twenty-three months later the London-based outfit has presented us with their self-titled debut LP for evaluation of their progress.  After multiple spins, and noting that we are most of the way through 2015, my verdict is that Chorusgirl is a top fifteen album for the year.  Consider all the promise we've heard in the best tracks from emerging indie guitar bands in recent years (I won't mention names), and imagine a greatest hits compilation.  Wait, no need for such speculation.  Just get a copy of this album and let the fuzz pop, new wave, alt-rock and '60s revival tunes with layered harmonies and walls of sound make sweet love to your ears while the rhythm section knocks the air out of your lungs.

There are many reasons why this album feels special, starting with the high quality of the vocals and musicianship.  But that should be expected of an album worthy of review.  What Chorusgirl brings to the party to put them near the top is tight, fresh songwriting and a palpable joy in performing.  The lyrics have weight and, in some cases, an edge, but the music always lifts you up.  German-born Silvi Wersing, a musician in other bands, composed most or all of these songs on her laptop, and then recruited a band to bring them to life.  The name of the project is a wry nod to her prior roles.  And maybe that background goes part of the way to explain the euphoric sound the band produces.  Silvi is now doing her own thing.  And we're very glad for that.

Chorusgirl is Silvi Wersing (vocals and guitar), Udo Westhoff (bass), Michael Boyle (drums) and Diogo Oliveira (lead guitar).  Chorusgirl is out this Friday, November 13, via Fortuna POP!

Fortuna POP!

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