Friday, November 20, 2015

Joey Kneiser - The Wildness

There is a chance you missed it, but the southern rock album of the year was released today.  The artist is Tennessee singer-songwriter Joey Kneiser, who has released solo work as well as being a major engine of The Glossary, a country rock band with a tendency towards soul.  Joey's new album is The Wildness -- ten songs consisting of pacey southern rock and gentle, slow burners, and released by This Is American Music.  Joey's vocals are in fine form, and I caught myself wondering whether this is how Van Morrison would have sounded if he'd been raised in east Tennessee.  But the real star is the songwriting.  This is classic American rock and roll composition, packed with sharp observations and poignant reflections, and then played with energy, conviction and love.  This is what put Springsteen, Petty and The Band high in America's musical consciousness, and The Wildness earns Joey a listen as well.  Just start at the beginning with the adrenaline rush of "Run Like Hell", followed by the mid-tempo country rock of the title track (A 'callous on my heart'? Preach it, Joey!).  You want more, don't you?  You can spin the whole thing at the Bandcamp link, which also makes it easy to buy.  You also can find the album on iTunes and Spotify.

The Wildness is an album made by a man who loves rock and roll, for listeners who love rock and roll.  What more do you need?

Bandcamp for The Wildness
This Is American Music

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