Tuesday, November 10, 2015

hd hausmann - Wring The Moisture From The Surf

Wring The Moisture From The Surf is one of the more interesting releases I've encountered this year.  Created by a UK collective called hd hausmann, whose members are helpfully identified as AS, TS, MR, LP, SD, JH, AL, RH, AO, AO, and NJ.  LP is the vocalist and lyricist, and apparently the others variously contribute their parts, recorded in isolation in different locations and without hearing the contributions of the others.  And perhaps defying expectations, the result is a soaring, uplifting celebration of melody and textures.  Acoustic and electronic elements combine, building tension and emotion to grand musical statements that evokes wide spaces, racing clouds and a pounding surf.  With little biography, back story or geographic detail, one can only focus on the music.  I assure you, that is enough.  This is a wonderful LP that will live on your playlist for a long time.

Wring The Moisture From The Surf is out now via Marshall Teller Records.

hd hausmann - 'Old Satellites' from Nicholas Jones on Vimeo.

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