Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Moonlight - The Moonlight

The Moonlight may never be well-known outside of New Zealand, but if such is the case it won't be my fault.  Their recently released self-titled album is superb guitar pop, and I intend to sing their praises to anyone who will listen.  Softly sung harmonies riding jangling guitars over a chugging rhythm section, sometimes dissolving into swelling dream pop.  Songs with appealing melodic structures and gentle but insistent hooks, then painted in melancholy shades.  For fans of jangle pop we could just write "New Zealand" and folks would nod knowingly.  But true fans know that there is no template, and while hints of other bands are audible here, the trio of Tim Lewton, Nich Cunningham and John Crocker are mining their personal existential vein in their own vision.  And it is well worth your ears.  And speaking of worth, a digital download is only ten New Zealand dollars.  Test out three tracks below and stream the entire LP at the Bandcamp link -- where you will be prompted to buy.  And which you will do ...


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