Friday, November 13, 2015

"My Right Hand" by Peter Astor

This week's primo good news is that Peter Astor will release a new LP in 2016 via Fortuna POP!.  Astor, veteran of The Loft and the Weather Prophets, as well a considerable solo work, has featured on these pages several times this year for his single Mr. Music (link) and his single with Keith Negrus for a project titled The Fairlight Myth (link).  The album, named Spilt Milk, will include Mr. Music, as well has "My Right Hand", which can be streamed below.  The album was recorded at the home of James Hoare (Veronica Falls, The Proper Ornaments, and Ultimate Painting), with James providing much of the instrumentation.  Based on what we have heard so far we think we will love this album.

Fortuna POP!

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