Friday, July 24, 2015

The Debutantes - "Adams Apples" 7"

This post is all about emotional response.  The first emotional response most of your should have is regret.  Perhaps regret mixed with a bit of shame.  The reason for this is that last year I took the time to tell you about a very exciting young Irish band called The Debutantes.  The Galway trio had released a five-song cassette of noisy, hook-filled guitar pop.  Enough smart people took the hint and the cassette sold out.  But I suspect most of you didn't, and you'll never, ever see the chance to get that cassette again.

But now we'll trigger a different emotional response -- happiness with a topping of gratitude.  Why? Because four of those very same songs are now available via the Adams Apples 7".  The release consists of "Adams Apples" and "Kids" on vinyl, with a download code for those songs plus "X + Y" and "Gentleman's Wash".  The kind folks providing you with this rare second chance to do the right thing are Stewart Anderson and Jen Turrell of the appropriately-named Emotional Response Recordings.  By the way, the song from the cassette omitted here is "Burn the Merchandise", which is on a compilation from Emotional Response Recordings that we'll discuss at a later date.

The songs deliver dream pop, garage and shoegaze with plenty of reverb, fuzz, energy and hooks.  The production adopts a delightfully frayed take on Spector's wall of sound.  It is all so good that if you sleep on it a second time you should sell all of your music and just watch reality TV.

The Debutantes are Paula Cullen (vocals/bass), Sarah Grimes (drums) and Leon Butler (vocals/guitar).  Cullen also is in September Girls, and Grimes also is a member of September Girls and Cruising.

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