Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bedrockk - Ultra Violet EP

Recording as Bedrockk, Dave Marquess has crafted an enormously appealing collage of thick tribal beats, shimmering keys and soulful vocals on the Ultra Violet EP.  The tracks tend to unspool in unpredictable directions, but always to the listener's delight.  There is a noir vibe to the proceedings, with the bright lights and dark skies, and the glamour and grit, of the evening urban landscape echoed in the contrasting elements of the compositions.  You'll find spots to dance, spots to chill, spots to get sexy, and in "Telephone", one of the most delightful R&B pop tunes you've heard in a long time.

The EP is out now on Dave's Dirty // Clean label.

Stream the entire EP below --

Dirty // Clean (label)

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