Friday, July 10, 2015

EZTV - Calling Out

Brooklyn's trio known as EZTV has crafted a wonderful debut offering in Calling Out.  Its 12 songs will variously recall mid-'60s guitar pop, '80s-'90s college rock and, at times, Laurel Canyon, but it all blends together seamlessly.  To my ears, there is a strong vein of The Teenage Fanclub in the melodies and harmonies, and that can never, ever be a bad thing.  But the band doesn't adhere to any strict template, and this album features robust bass and adventuresome guitar lines.  It is a sound that is a perfect fit for hometown label Captured Tracks, so quite naturally, CT is releasing the album.

New music comes so quickly that I most often have to put an album aside after I write about it in order to cover the next worthy.  But that isn't happening in this case -- Calling Out is going on the regular playlist for a long, long time.

Calling Out is out today on Captured Tracks.  EZTV is Ezra Tenenbaum, Michael Stasiak and Shane O'Connell.  Will Cole joins the band for live performances.

Captured Tracks

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