Monday, July 20, 2015

Introducing: Fakers

In introducing LA band Fakers we are re-introducing two members of a long-time and sadly defunct favorite around WYMA headquarters, The Henry Clay People.  Two of THCP were Joey and Andy Siara.  In addition to brothers Siara, Fakers includes Travis Shettel (piebald) Cameron Dmytryk (Vanaprasta, Sun Drug), and Benjamin Heywood (Summer Darling).  Given the players, the astute rock fan will demand energetic rock with a dose of punk and a liberal dose of hooks.  And the astute rock fan, and anyone else bothering to listen, will get what they demand.  Isn't it great when life works out that way?

This introduction includes two songs from the band.  A 7" will be released soon via Chain Letter, which we understand is label founded by band member Heywood and his spouse Heather.

Chain Letter Collective

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