Thursday, July 23, 2015

Snow In Mexico - Juno Beach EP

Snow In Mexico is Italian duo Andrea Novelli and Massaimillano Cruciani.  For Juno Beach, their third record, they have employed synths, drum machines and a penchant for lush shoegaze to craft a four-song EP that is equal parts urgently mysterious and hazily warm.  Proceedings commence with the up-tempo dance tracks "The Call", followed by the more darkly-shaded title track.  The beats are forward-pushing and high in the mix, while the minimal vocals hang tantalizingly in the background.  The mood shifts for the aptly named "Sunshine".  The set closes with the moody soundscape and dreamy vocals of "Gentle Rain".

Touchstones could include Tangerine Dream, M83, Radio Dept., The Pet Shop boys and OMD.  The closest genre may be dream pop, but these guys know how to ride a groove.  You can test a couple of tracks below, or stream the entire EP at the Soundcloud and order page links below.

Order page for Juno Beach
Bandcamp (for previous releases)
Saint Marie Records

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