Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"River of Longing" from Blank Realm

One of my current favorite bands, Brisbane's Blank Realm will release their next album on September 4.  The title is Illegals In Heaven, and while it is too early to say much about it here, I will tell you that it is very good.  However, it isn't too early to give you a taste via "River of Longing".  In my view, the song showcases what the band does so well -- a mixture of garage rock intensity, psychedelic imagery, and solid pop sensibilities that pushes boundaries while remaining eminently pleasing to the ear.

Illegals In Heaven will be released by Fire Records except down under, where Bedroom Suck Records has the honors.

Fire Records pre-order site for the album
Bedroom Suck Records pre-order site for album
Bandcamp pre-order site

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