Thursday, July 30, 2015

C Duncan - Architect

Christopher Duncan follows his own path.  The son of classical musicians and trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland himself, he a unique ability to create richly detailed chamber, folk and dream pop songs that are both lush and completely accessible.  And the versatile lad does his own album art, as well.  Previously known primarily in the UK, Duncan's talent now is on display for all via hi debut LP, Architect, which is out now via Fat Cat Records.  If one tries to look underneath the surface of the music for influences or references, it can be a bit of a tangled web.  Do we mention the harmonies of Fleet Foxes (try "For" below)?  Jazz experimentation?  Classical composers?  '60s pop icons?  Yes, all of it.  But it seems to me that the critical point is that C Duncan thrills, delights, soothes and, perhaps as importantly, surprises the listener with the breadth of his vision and his ability to render a cohesive musical statement from his inspirations.  That the songs were created in his bedroom, layer by layer, further underscores the accomplishment.

If you generally listen to guitar pop, you will find Architect a different beast.  But it also is uplifting and rewarding.  Start the day with the triple shot of "Say", "Garden", and "Here to There", then end it with "For".  C Duncan is a damn fine soundtrack.


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