Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas - One Man's Garbage Is Another Man Person's Good Ungarbage

Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas, our favorite Scots sloppy dream poppers are brightening our mid-week with a free four-track EP called One Man's Garbage Is Another Man Person's Good Ungarbage.  Of course, it is hard to challenge the truthiness of the statement made by the EP title, just as it is hard to argue with a free EP of dream pop.  We covered the opening song, "Voyeur Guy" a few weeks ago.  "Melting" and "Emargo" are instrumentals.  The former begins in thumping fashion before dissolving into an atmospheric soundscape.  The latter features skittering beats and what sounds like Casio noodling.  The closer is "Minkboy Sunday Overload", which add vocals back into the mix and offers a more overly exuberant and muscular version of the band's trademark dreamslop.  To my ears, the first and last songs are the best. and even good enough to pay for.  But the lads will give you all four free at the Bandcamp link below.  Happy Wednesday!


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