Thursday, July 2, 2015

Talking Bush - Ordinary Unusual

Ordinary Unusual is a wonderfully tasty little nugget to embrace going into the weekend.  Four diverse synth pop tracks from St. Petersburg's Talking Bush.  It also is a bit of a dual threat -- a lovely release in its own right, it also serves as an introduction to the music Nikita Bushmanov will offer on his 2016 debut album.  But 2016 is a long way away, and thinking about it reminds us of another dire United States election cycle, so let's focus on the here and now.

The EP begins with the throbbing beats of instrumental track "Hear It", which soars to a big finish via bright synth strains.  "Overgrow" (see video below) is an urgent post punk song with a bit of a New Order vibe.  Talking Bush show an adept hand with dream pop on my favorite song on the EP, the wistful "There Is Now".  I think the Lightning Seeds would have been proud of those hooks.  The closer, "Tell Me" blends dream pop and post punk to good effect.

If you only have time for one sample, check out "There Is Now".  I recommend streaming all four tracks, of course.  The EP is out now as a digital download via Shelflife Records.  See the link at the bottom of the post.

Shelflife Records page for release

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